How to transfer Wi-Fi passwords to another computer


Transferring Wi-Fi profiles and passwords from one computer to another can be beneficial, especially when switching to a new device or owning multiple PCs. This article outlines three methods to accomplish this task: manual transfer using the command prompt, synchronisation via a Microsoft account, and utilising a third-party application such as Netsetman. However, it is important to secure your Wi-Fi connection. Grab more tips on how to do it here.

Manual Transfer via Command Prompt:

  • create a new folder on the desktop and name it "Wifi_Backup"
  • open the command prompt with administrator rights by typing "cmd" into the search field and selecting "Run as administrator"
  • enter the command: "netsh wlan export profile key=clear folder="[path to backup folder]"
  • replace "[path to the backup folder]" with the copied path, such as "C:\Users[username]\Desktop\Wifi_Backup".

Windows will create XML files in the backup folder, each containing the Wi-Fi profile details, including passwords:

  • copy the backup folder to the second computer using a USB stick or digital sharing
  • open a command prompt with administrator rights on the second PC and enter the command: "netsh wlan add profile filename="[path to XML file]" user=current"
  • replace "[path to XML file]" with the path to the desired XML file containing the Wi-Fi profile to transfer.

Synchronisation via Microsoft Account: ensure both computers are connected to the same Microsoft account. Most importantly, have your network secured with hide expert VPN:

  • On the first computer, go to "Settings -> Accounts -> Sync your settings"
  • Check the options for "Passwords" and "Other Windows settings"
  • Repeat these settings on the second PC, and Windows will synchronise the Wi-Fi profiles between the computers.

Note that this method transfers passwords to the Microsoft cloud, which might be a concern for some users in terms of security.

Using third-party applications like Netsetman: install Netsetman on both computers or run it from a USB stick:

  • Open the program and click on the Wi-Fi symbol on the left-hand side
  • Navigate to the "Profiles" tab to view the saved Wi-Fi profiles
  • Select a Wi-Fi profile and click on "Export", choosing encrypted or plain text password storage and a folder to save the XML file
  • Repeat the process for all desired Wi-Fi profiles and copy the folder to a USB stick or share it digitally
  • Download the XML file(s) to the second computer and install Netsetman
  • Access the list of Wi-Fi profiles and click on "Import" to transfer the data from the USB stick to Windows.

Transferring Wi-Fi passwords and profiles between computers is essential for a seamless connection experience. The methods described in this article provide different approaches to achieve this, allowing users to choose the one that best suits their needs and security preferences.