We guarantee protection
over tracking and complete anonymity on the Internet

...we prevent hackers and scammers from hacking, we ensure the security of your personal data on the network

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why us

  • personal data security

    personal data security

    Protection against interception and secure transfer of your data over the Internet, e.g.: passwords, messages, photos, banks’ cards data

  • anonymity


    Change your public IP address and hide your online activities. This makes it impossible to determine your real physical location and country

  • websites unblocking

    websites unblocking

    Unblock access to websites, applications, services and other web resources blocked by your local authorities or Internet service provider

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In order to ensure fast and smooth operation wherever you are, Hide Expert has
VPN servers around the world


Hide Expert VPN
supports absolutely full non-tracking approach

  • Does not collect or store your personal information
  • Does not store history of your online activities
  • Does not sell or transfer any of your data to third parties

It is important.

Even if government representatives request information, the service has nothing to share with them


About app

Hide Expert VPN service - is a simple one-click connection to fast VPN servers which guarantees protection from tracking and complete anonymity on the Internet.

Data transfer security is ensured by the modern and fast protocols with maximum encryption: IKEv2, OpenVPN, WireGuard. Your IP address will be hidden even if there was an accidental disconnection of the Internet connection or a switch from Wi-Fi to LTE or vice versa. With Hide Expert VPN, you are always protected at home, on the street, at work or in a public place via public Wi-Fi.

Keep your VPN always on and blocked sites, services and apps will always be available on your smartphone. In the application, you can choose many different countries through which to access the Internet.

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