How to protect your cloud storage from hackers


The cloud storage platform is arguably one of the most secure storage platforms as it guarantees the safety of sensitive data in a limitless form. The recent cloud storage engagement statistics show that 67% of enterprises globally have adopted the storage platform, thus the increased interest of hackers in their quest to thwart the storage system. Hackers are currently exploiting a few vulnerabilities in the storage system and have succeeded in breathing some data. Take, for instance, the Yahoo data breach that got 3 billion Yahoo users' accounts exposed.

To secure your cloud storage and your files within it, apply these measures.
Secure accounts with strong passwords and two-factor authentication: a strong password with at least eight characters comprising lower and upper case letters with numbers and symbols and not in use across multiple platforms is recommended. Also, two-factor authentication, when properly used, will add an extra layer of security to your cloud-stored data.

Encrypt your data: data encryption is one of the good qualities of a secure cloud storage provider and should be considered before embarking on cloud storage by both the vendors and their customers. Data encryption makes it hard for hackers to decipher the information if successfully breached.

Have strong anti-malware protection with an updated operating system: a strong anti-malware protector will help to prevent suspicious downloads and possible hitch-hiking. With that in place, make sure to create backup files in case of emergencies and update your operating system as soon as the update is available.

Audit files, connected apps, devices, accounts on your cloud, and adjust content control: proper auditing of these factors will limit a hacker's chance of infiltrating the cloud storage system. Remove files and accounts that are dormant from your cloud storage and, likewise, irrelevant apps and devices that have access to it. Have a hide VPN installed on mobile devices you use in accessing your cloud data.

Turn on account alerts and secure your connections: make sure to turn on the account alert features in your cloud storage platform to receive notifications about activities involving your account. Also, secure your networks and implore the service of expert VPN, as it guarantees online security.

Inadequate cloud storage protection leads to data leaks that can cause harm to your organisation. Cloud storage has come to be, and to enjoy the services, apply these tips as it guarantees the safety of your data while withstanding the sophisticated attacks from cyber threat actors.