Google to host free cybersecurity workshop for small businesses


In a proactive move to bolster the digital security of small businesses, Google's "Grow with Google" initiative is set to host an informative cybersecurity workshop tailored for small business owners. The event is scheduled to take place on Monday, August 21, from 2 to 3 p.m., at the Google Spruce Goose office located in Playa Vista.

The workshop will kick off with opening remarks by notable officials, including Rep. Ted Lieu, followed by an engaging session led by Roberto Martinez, California’s Grow with Google digital coach. Under the banner of "Cybersecurity and Your Small Business”, this 45-minute workshop aims to equip participants with essential digital tools and best practices to safeguard their businesses and customer data in the ever-evolving online landscape. Note that security starts with safeguarding your online activities with Hide Expert VPN.

Amid growing concerns about cyber threats, small business owners have expressed worry about the security of their digital operations. According to a recent study conducted by the Connected Commerce Council, a national nonprofit focused on enabling small businesses access to digital technologies, 65% of small business owners across the nation are troubled by cybersecurity risks, especially those browsing with a network not guided by a VPN service.

Lucy Pinto, the program manager for Grow with Google, highlighted the significance of addressing these concerns. Pinto emphasised that while many small business owners are aware of the importance of cybersecurity, they often lack the knowledge and resources to effectively implement protective measures. Some think that threat actors are after big corporations not knowing that company size doesn't matter.

Since its inception in 2017, the Grow with Google program has been dedicated to supporting small businesses by offering various training opportunities. The organisation has partnered with entities like the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce and government agencies to amplify its impact. Google holds cybersecurity in high esteem and always rewards individuals who dictate a loophole in its system, for instance, the $15,000 paid to Apple security researchers.

To address the pressing need for cybersecurity knowledge, Grow with Google launched an online, on-demand cybersecurity workshop earlier this year. Already, over 3,000 small businesses have undergone this training, indicating the demand for such learning experiences.

However, the upcoming in-person workshop marks an exciting step forward. Pinto highlighted that this in-person session provides participants with the chance to ask questions directly and receive immediate assistance, fostering a more interactive learning environment.

Participants will not only delve into cybersecurity strategies but also gain insights into enabling e-commerce, enhancing their visibility on Google Maps, understanding analytics and website traffic, and effectively advertising on Google and YouTube. Moreover, the workshop will cover soft skills, offering guidance on effective team management.

Pinto acknowledged that the world of cybersecurity can often appear daunting and complex. By bridging the information and awareness gap between small businesses and larger corporations, the Grow with Google initiative aims to demystify cybersecurity and empower small businesses to take proactive steps in safeguarding their digital operations.

As the threat landscape continues to evolve, Google's commitment to educating and equipping small businesses with the necessary tools and knowledge remains unwavering. The free cybersecurity workshop exemplifies Google's dedication to fostering a secure and thriving digital ecosystem for businesses of all sizes.