How to set your Twitter account to private: protect those tweets from prying eyes


Expressing our thoughts or opinions through social platforms is welcomed, and Twitter has loads of personal opinions, breaking news, and contributions in it, creating meaningful connections and going beyond boundaries. However, we might want to keep some tweets private, meaning we don't want everyone to see our tweets. It is possible, and in this article, we are going to learn steps to keep our tweets private.

Note that once you go private, you will have to approve any new followers manually to view your tweet, and accounts that are not following you already will not be able to view your tweets. Going private limits your post view exclusively for your followers and shut out any possible viewer that is not your follower.

First, let's go through how to set your Twitter account private on a laptop or desktop computer. Take these steps:

  • log in to
  • on the left-hand side, click More
  • click Settings and Privacy in the pop-up box
  • choose Privacy and safety, then Audience and tagging
  • check the box next to Protect your tweets
  • click Protect to confirm.

Your tweet will be made private immediately after taking these steps on your desktop or laptop device.

Similarly, this is how to set your Twitter account to private on your iOS or Android device:

  • open the Twitter app
  • tap your profile image at the top left
  • tap Settings and Support in the side menu
  • choose Settings and Privacy in the drop-down menu
  • select Privacy and Safety, then the Audience and Tagging
  • tap the toggle next to Protect your Tweets to activate it.

With these steps taken, your tweet will be made private while tweeting with your iOS or Android device.

Online privacy is a vital part of our digital world, and taking steps to protect yourself is essential. Also, making sure that your Twitter account is private is one way to keep your information secure and have them available for only those on your follower list.