iOS 16.4 is out: these are new features and security updates


iOS 16.4 is out and comes with a handful of bug and security fixes, as well as new features. Possibly Apple is making up for the delayed arrival of the first beta, which didn't arrive until February 16. A few weeks later, precisely on 27th March 2023, Apple released iOS 16.4 and available for download now.

Here are some of the significant changes and addition in iOS 16.4 you need to know:

  • updated Apple ID and beta software: iOS 16.4 allow users to switch accounts using their device. Developers and beta testers can check whether their Apple ID is associated with the developer beta, public beta or both and switch to any that has access to beta updates with their device
  • cellular calls get voice isolation: previously introduced to iOS 15 in 2021 and only works on face time, iOS 16.4 got the updated version of voice isolation that works on cellular calls
  • Apple Book update: the page-turn curl animation is back in Apple Books with iOS 16.4 after it was removed in the previous iOS update
  • new Apple Wallet features: iOS 16.4 allows users to add three new order-tracking widgets for Apple Wallet to their home screen
  • podcast updates: Apple podcast features in iOS 16.4 allow users to access channel tabs in their library which shows them the different networks they follow. A tap on each channel will display the shows they subscribe to, and other shows the channel produces.

Other notable updates in iOS 16.4 include:

  • 21 new emoji, including animals, hand gestures and objects
  • voiceover support for maps in the Weather app
  • duplicate album in photos expands support to detect duplicated photos and videos in an iCloud Shared Photo Library
  • accessibility settings to automatically dim videos when flashes of light or strobe effects are detected.

iOS 16.4 includes an ample number of security updates and patches. A threat like CVE-2023-27961, discovered by Riza Sabuncu, a security researcher, is capable of importing a maliciously crafted calendar invitation and exfiltrating user information. This threat was patched by Apple with improved input sanitization, currently introduced in iOS 16.4.

CVE-2023-27954 is another threat discovered by an anonymous researcher and is capable of tracking sensitive user information through a website. It was addressed by Apple by removing the origin information and is currently running in iOS 16.4.

An app's ability to read sensitive location information embedded in threat CVE-2023-23537, discovered also by an anonymous researcher, was patched by Apple. The privacy issue was addressed with improved private data redaction for log entries, presently introduced in iOS 16.4.

To get this latest iOS update running on your phone, open Settings > General > Software Update > Download and Install. Then wait patiently for your phone to restart after following the prompts.