Who is responsible for a cyber attack


A successful cyber attack has the primary owner of the company or device to blame for not being guided. As an organization, it is completely negligent to not have adequate cyber protection in place as expected by your customers. Ensuring the safety of the information stored in a company's database is the responsibility of the C-level executives, who are to decide and implore the service of a strong cybersecurity system. They should educate their employees and also train and update their security personnel and system with the latest security measures.

As an individual, it is your responsibility to download the latest software to detect and destroy malware. You must use security measures when surfing the Internet, especially when using public Wi-Fi. Prior knowledge of how to dictate malware embedded in emails and ads will be a boast, as well as keeping up with the current trend in cybersecurity.

The government will be blamed if it does not have complete control over the security of its database.
Government parastatals, events such as elections, and their employees are the prime targets of cybercriminals, so the government needs to ensure that security measures are put in place within their jurisdiction.

In general, falling victim to a cyber-attack does not absolve any Internet user of blame. Security measures are always available, no matter how sophisticated most malware attacks seem to be these days.