IT experts predict: AI may be used in future cyber attacks


AI is set to pose a major challenge to the world of cyber security. This has been predicted by IT experts. An Israeli researcher from CyberArk, a software development company, recently shocked the world when he presented malware created by the recently launched speech-processing AI, ChatGPT. He found that the AI could be persuaded to work against its programmed purpose with a little authoritative persistence.
This is just the tip of the iceberg of what cybercriminals have been doing with AI.

Experts warn that cybercriminals are taking advantage of AI's ability to mimic and create a human-like response to text or writing style and tone of voice. They are using it to sabotage their victims. They can make a video with fake faces to make their victims believe them and indirectly get the information or access they are looking for.

AI can dictate vulnerabilities in a cybersecurity system and create computer programming code. As a result, cybercrime is expected to be more prevalent, as a lot of newly programmed intelligent malware, courtesy of AI, will be in circulation on the internet and may go unidentified.

According to the World Economic Forum, cyber-attacks will increase by 38% globally by 2022. They will continue to increase in the coming years. Cybercriminals seem to be one step ahead. This poses a major challenge for cybersecurity. Experts have predicted that the war against cybercrime is just beginning, as they have noticed how sophisticated and subtle most cyber-attacks are becoming.