How well does a VPN protect you from viruses


Virtual Private Network comes with a lot of great features that will protect your online connections from prying eyes by hiding your IP address and encrypting your online data information. You are totally safe from the attack of any hacker connected to the server you are using since your online surfing is hidden.

Advanced features of some great VPNs shield you from viruses that spread through pop-up advertisements and those lurking around your online connections, coupled with split tunneling and kill switch abilities.

With all these features, VPNs are not guaranteed to save your device from viruses. It can only make your connections private, but it cannot dictate an infected file you might download unknowingly.

It doesn't offer a safety tip about an infected site that you might click on and can’t protect your device if infected.

While VPN secures your device from Man-in-the-middle attacks, it is wise to have advanced anti-virus software installed on your device to give you the maximum protection you desire.