How to save money on flights with VPN


You don’t have to be exploited in your quest to buy an airline ticket online for a trip. Bear in mind that airline ticket prices are dynamic. In other words, they are not static, and there is a possibility that no two passengers on the same flight paid exactly the same. Airline companies consider some factors before giving you a price.

Factors like:● your location
● your interest in a particular airline and browsing histories stored in cookies has a way of adding up to what you would have paid.

Other factors that can influence the price of a flight ticket are:● the popularity of your destination
● festive seasons
● currency fluctuations
● the wealth of your country
● the influence of the airline's home country.

Considering these factors, there are ways to avoid falling prey to airline companies' tactics.
The first cheap method is to browse in incognito mode. Going Incognito while searching for flight tickets online limits the airline company's chance to inflate the price if you revisit the site because they can’t find your browsing history. This method is good but not completely effective, since incognito mode can’t hide your IP address which the airline company can track and dictate your true location.

The second and confirmed way is using VPN. VPN service offers a better way to mitigate the high cost of airline tickets and save you some decent money.
How does it work? VPN hides your location by masking your true IP address, giving you another one from a different country of your choice. Since airline companies take your location into account before giving you a price, connecting your VPN to a location with low air traffic will reduce the cost by at least 15%.

While checking the price differences of flight tickets online using a VPN service, make sure you clear your cookies after each search, as it has a way of storing your online browsing information. You can also use VPN for other online searches and purchases as well, as it guarantees your online security and will positively influence the price of the goods or services.