How safe is it to use AI from a cybersecurity perspective


The benefits of AI in cybersecurity are numerous, which begs the question of how safe it is to rely solely on it. AI has a proven track record of identifying unknown threats, handling large amounts of data, responding faster to block attacks, advanced overall security, and much more, yet its capabilities, when scaled to the content of complete security, will give us 95%. The remaining 5% is a lot of opportunity for cybercriminals to attack, steal, and destroy an organization's cyber system.

Unfortunately, cybercriminals are harnessing the power of AI by making a subtle change in the data set used to train it, thereby reversing its potential in the wrong direction. Most advanced deep fake content and phishing links are subtly programmed by AI, and similarly, AI's ability to study and identify a cybersecurity loophole allows the black hats to dictate vulnerabilities and launch attacks against their victims.

Fortunately, there is a way out. AI must be integrated with traditional security techniques to achieve complete security from any cyber attack. Both can work together to give you 100% protection and minimize false positives. The ability of AI to learn, reason, and act, coupled with the ability of traditional security technology to use signatures or indicators of compromise to determine a threat, will give the enterprise a huge leap forward against cyber attacks.