How do you keep yourself safe when using public Wi-Fi


Businesses now boost great returns by providing free internet services (though some are paid for indirectly) to their customers and environs, while economics are in favor of making free internet services compulsory in all economic environments for its advantages.

Clients or visitors perceive free internet service as a welcome sign and tend to come around to patronize you. Still, in recent times, most people have fallen victim to cybercriminals while using public wi-fi. Some didn't realize that Public wi-fi is unsafe and that some of the information they share while using public wi-fi could be accessed easily by another person using the same server.

Since we can't do without the internet these days, it’s advisable to apply these safety tips while making use of public wi-fi:

Firstly, verify the network name and IP address so as not to join a network set up by a hacker scouting for victims within the vicinity. You can ask an employee of the business if the link is legitimate and always watch out for unsecured or unencrypted sites.

Disable all file-sharing options and close already shared files on your device before browsing on public wi-fi. More importantly, don't access sensitive information with it.

Download and install a VPN (Virtual Private Network) on every device you will use to access public wi-fi without failing to turn off your Bluetooth connectivity and automatic wi-fi connection which might give a hacker easier access to your information.

Enable two-factor authentication on accounts that contains your personal information and learn to update every security feature of your devices.

Be cautious, and don't be quick to click on any link that pops up on your device or accept any system update from an unauthorized site while browsing on public Wi-Fi.