Ensuring corporate cybersecurity


Malware attacks, phishing emails, viruses, and endpoint breaches, among others, have posed a significant threat to every corporate organization with an online presence. Statistics show that companies lost $1.8 billion to cybercrime in 2019 and are likely to lose more in the coming years. Their losses are not limited to cash alone, their reputations are ruined, and some partnerships have broken for just a single cyberattack.

The attacks are never stopping thus the reason for this article. Take heed to the instructions listed below to ensure that your sensitive data is safe from every hacker:Patronize trusted cloud storage providers and encrypt every data stored in the cloud.
Safeguard sensitive data with more complex passwords and two-factor authentication.
Use advanced antivirus software or firewalls that can dictate and defend against any impending cyberattack and always update their latest versions.
Avoid clicking on any links or files received from an unknown source, and apply a phishing filter to your email and web browser.

All these tips will be a great guide to preventing cyberattacks and if you unknowingly fall under attack:

Firstly, disconnect the affected device or server to curtail the damage and further spread of the virus and data breach.
Be swift to apply every possible recovery scheme to retrieve your data and repair the damages.
Make reports to the appropriate authorities and take up legal actions if possible.

Prior information about the ways to prevent cyberattacks and how to control them when under attack, should be made available to all the company's staff. Also, it will be of great advantage to keep a close watch on how you share sensitive information.