Cybersecurity for Freelancers


Any freelancer must abide by the laws of the country in which he or she is located to the extent necessary. But he is free because he has no master, employer or boss who dictates how he should live his life. Along with this freedom, however, come new risks. To be a successful freelancer, it is not enough to be in demand; you must also follow cybersecurity tips on the Internet and take precautions in your daily life.

Today, we can take full advantage of the digital age to achieve our goals in the best way possible. Every freelancer should be aware of the risks, prevent them and learn from the mistakes of others.

Even if you do roam from country to country and have no permanent location, you still have a lot of social media accounts, business contacts and access to the websites you work with.

These are the ones that need to be protected from intruders and thieves as securely as conventional locks protect your home. It's normal that you want all of your communications to be encrypted and your most valuable data stored offline. It's also possible that you want to always remain anonymous both online and in real life.

Device cybersecurity tipsIt's best to do any remote work from an organized workstation. A single laptop may suffice for some tasks, but using a desktop computer can greatly increase your productivity. And if you use other devices for your work, they all need to be as secure as your phone.

If you constantly use a mobile device, like an iPhone, you definitely need a mobile VPN app to keep you safe when using WiFi. This way, your phone will be useful and secure at the same time.

Failure to do this simple thing can lead to the theft of your data and theft of money from your bank accounts. You could also lose your customer's faith that you can do your job and keep all your sensitive information safe. While it is certainly possible to partially recover something when information is lost, those wounds are unlikely to ever heal.

Tips for freelancer security in real lifeNot only are you not creating a safety cushion for a possible period of downtime or investing in your future by spending money mindlessly, you are simply inviting all the predators of the Internet and real life to take advantage of your carelessness.

Wherever you live, adjust to the lifestyle and demeanor of the locals and try not to stand out too much. Being even a little more modest than the average everyday person is better for your safety.

Money likes quiet. Don't show anyone and everyone your financial solvency, especially unfamiliar people or those you don't trust. Invest your money and keep it in safe places.

Cyber HygieneCyber hygiene has become one of the most important methods of cyber defense. Unfortunately, social media such as Twitter is a toxic dumping ground with trolls, bots and harpies furiously pouncing on you for any slightest transgression. Even your desire to be apolitical can make you their target. Provided, of course, that your real name is known to them.

First, use an avatar and an alias. Your customers or clients may know your real name if necessary, but the Internet as a whole should not be aware of such information. Even better, write fake information on the Internet about where you live, where you grew up, and what you do.

Mislead your potential adversary, change your IP address with a VPN, move it somewhere far away from where you actually live. Since you are a ronin, a wandering knight in the digital age, protect yourself with modern methods.

Being an independent freelancer is so tempting, but also kind of scary at the same time. Not everyone survives in this field, and few even make it to early retirement. But there is always hope that if you follow online cybersecurity tips and exercise caution in real life, you can create a happy, self-made life for yourself.

Don't forget to update and develop your skills and keep your devices and work tools in order. Using a good VPN provider to protect your devices, combined with your own cautious behavior and cyber hygiene, will allow you to achieve dizzying heights in work and life.