Tips for protecting your location information while surfing the internet


Safety comes first, and remaining safe is what everyone vies for, especially while surfing the internet. Information about one's location is the first step to locating that person; internet services also offer that through your IP address(Internet protocol), though it changes occasionally, they are uniquely assigned to one internet user alone and can provide a location clue of that person if not hidden.

To have your location hidden while surfing the internet, here are some safety tips to consider:

Implore the service of a VPN: With the ability to encrypt all your data information, a VPN server shields your true location with the IP address of another location you like, thereby giving you the anonymity you desire. Be sure of subscribing to a VPN that operates its own DNS server (Domain name system) and has no stored record of any internet service.

The Onion Router (TOR) will be of great advantage in hiding your location since their service involves the random sending of encrypted data through several nodes or servers before it gets to you, and in so doing, makes it hard to dictate your location. The service is totally free to use but not suitable for torrenting and is relatively slow in browsing, courtesy of its mode of operation.

Proxies like SSL, SSH, and SOCKS also hide your IP address, just like VPN and TOR but lack their encryption ability, thereby exposing your data and possibly your IP address to a third party.

Choosing any of these locations' hiding servers depends on the sensitivity of the data, so it is very important to make the right choice.