Mozilla confirms memory leak in Firefox


Mozilla confirmed the memory leak on Firefox 112.0.1, the recent version of its web browser, which it explained occurred under rare conditions. Firefox 12.0.1 addressed the cookies issue recently experienced by Firefox users, and the new development has it that the version was using a tremendous amount of memory.

Mozilla explained that the issue could be caused only when a user installed specific animated themes, such as Dark Space, in Firefox and used it actively. Another possible cause of memory leaks in Firefox is when a browser window is either minimised or occluded. Mozilla confirmed working actively to fix the issue and recommends that Firefox users switch to another theme until it releases a patch for the issue.

“If you encounter this problem, please change your theme to one that does not use animation to work around it. We are in the process of shipping a fix,” Mozilla officially stated. To manage themes in Firefox:

  • select Menu > Add-ons and Themes
  • select Themes from the sidebar on the left. Firefox displays the active theme at the top and all other themes that are available below it
  • Scroll down to another, preferably one that is not dynamic, e.g. Light or Dark, two of the default Firefox themes, and activate the Enable button next to one of the themes to make it the active theme in the web browser.

The change is processed immediately, provided that it is not a dynamic theme. Mozilla advised having only one window opened and keeping it in the foreground to avoid the memory leak issue.