Difference between cyberbullying and cybercrime


The dependency ratio of humans to the internet is getting high every day as almost all human activities ranging from Social networking, Online learning, E-commerce, and a lot more, are carried out on the internet. The internet has no limitations making it an open field for both good deeds and bad ones.

Cyberbullying is more common now on the internet, which involves the use of digital technologies and services to attack verbally or spread offensive information that could undermine another person's identity. Victims of cyberbullying are crushed emotionally and sometimes live in anxiety or fear. Low self-esteem could set in, which might result in depression and, at the worst stage, suicide.

Extreme cyberbullying, like death threats and defamation, is punishable by law, while Cybercrime is a generic word that covers all crimes conducted with a computer and the internet. It comprises phishing, credit card fraud, child pornography, industrial espionage, scams, etc.

Cyberbullying is a part of cybercrime with “Bullying” as its watchword, and usually targets the victim's social status with the sole aim of tarnishing it, while cybercrime aims at stealing valuables like money or information that will cause a great loss or harm to the individual or company.