Top practices for anonymous browsing


Experts say that the main way to ensure anonymous web browsing is to always use a virtual private network (VPN). This should be understood by everyone: every user should know and be able to apply all possible types and methods of protection. Browsing anonymously can be done in two ways: by technical methods and by "human effort.” Ensuring your own cybersecurity and anonymous browsing on the Internet is possible only if both methods are applied together. Yes, complete anonymity on the Internet is virtually impossible, but it is still possible to obtain the necessary level of anonymous web surfing, when no one will be able to identify you based on the data they receive.

Why do you need to browse the internet anonymously?Major international corporations are on the hunt for any information that will help them thrive. Companies like Google and Apple literally follow you everywhere, capturing and analyzing your every move online. Social media giants like Facebook and Instagram, which is part of Facebook, even use your images for computer learning protocols. We all understand that sometimes it's impossible not to leave information about yourself, but clearly not for someone to take advantage of it for their own commercial gain. Even in those cases where we do share data about ourselves, we want to make sure that it is securely protected from unwanted attention by third parties.

Let's not forget that besides corporations, there are hackers who are willing to steal your data in order to resell it to interested corporations or to blackmail and demand a ransom. Whether we like it or not, there is a trend of government control of private information everywhere, in all countries. It's no secret that even in a democratic country like the United States, the National Security Agency spies on most American citizens.

What is the threat to your privacy?As soon as the EU passed legislation to protect personal data online, some people breathed a sigh of relief. They mistakenly assumed that their personal data would now never fall into the hands of third parties without their knowledge. Unfortunately, this is not entirely true; no law can ensure complete privacy and anonymity on the Internet. The fact is that collecting data without the owner's knowledge and, even more so, reselling it, was illegal even before the law was passed. Usually, the data obtained by illegal methods is sold illegally on the black market, and the law is powerless in this regard.

Who collects your data?Google captures everything, as well as Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and many others. Not just corporations, but governments want to have serious databases of all their citizens. Life has changed; now absolutely everyone wants to know everything about everyone.

Some kinds of data collection can be quite logical and seemingly harmless: for example, the data of retail customers for participating in prize draws or giving out coupons. Browsing the web anonymously is the only way to make sure that no intruder has any knowledge of your area of interest and will not have access to your data.

Let's not forget that today even large companies and government agencies have regular data breaches. The data collector may not plot anything against you personally, but where is the guarantee that he will be able to protect and preserve your data, that he himself will not be exposed to a hacker attack.

How is anonymous browsing on the Internet achieved?Regardless of how you are used to browsing the Internet, there are two factors to consider in order to maintain your privacy and ensure that you can browse the Internet anonymously. Firstly, browsing anonymously is possible if you use appropriate technical means to hide the IP address of your device and the information about what web pages you have viewed. In case you do not use a VPN or a proxy connection, your web browsing will always be identified with your IP address, which is connected to your Internet account, which you pay with your credit card.

Every time we start talking about the possible risks and dangers of using the Internet, about the need to protect your data and by all possible means to ensure your own privacy and anonymous browsing on the Internet, we are by no means trying to scare you and call to abandon the Internet, and it is now impossible. Each of us, of course, should enjoy all the benefits that modern online shopping can offer us, communicate and have fun on the Internet. But just as in real life, everyone should take a few precautions online to make their lives, both real and online, safe.