Can we trust AI decision-making in cybersecurity


AI programs are efficient in making autonomous decisions and implementing security efforts around the clock. Its program analyses much more risk data at any given time than a human mind. The networks or data storage system under an AI program’s protection gains continually updated protection that’s always studying responses to ongoing cyber-attacks.

However, advancements in this field have its pros and cons. AI software could be a risk as attacking the software is possible. This is because AI programs are another part of a computer or network system and are susceptible to malware. Deciding to trust AI decision-making in cybersecurity completely is a hard decision to take though AI has proven to be a positive addition to cybersecurity.

AI can present false positives and can automatically delete data or network patches that are not a threat. A steady occurrence of these abnormalities could make the IT team devote less time to sorting through false positives, making it easier for malware to penetrate.

In addition, AI algorithms are less transparent, making it hard for people to read and dictate. Also, an effective AI requires an updated data set to remain at peak performance. The data sets include the latest upgrade in cybersecurity resources, and the AI system would need the newest malware profiles and anomaly detection capabilities to provide adequate protection. This update requires technical training and financial resources, making it hard for less buoyant organisations to embark on, thereby exposing their cyber system to attacks.

To mitigate the risk and get all the benefits of AI programs in cybersecurity, organisations should employ the service of security experts and an optimised AI program paired side by side to achieve optimum security for their cybersystem. Additionally, it is advisable to integrate an hide VPN (Virtual Private Network) into the cybersecurity strategy. A hidden VPN service provides advanced security features and protocols, ensuring encrypted and secure connections for all network traffic. By utilising an expert VPN, organisations can enhance their defence against cyber threats, protect sensitive data, and maintain privacy and confidentiality. The combination of security experts, optimised AI programs, and an expert VPN creates a robust cybersecurity framework that maximises protection and minimises vulnerabilities.