Are smart locks more secure than traditional locks


A lock is referred to as 'smart' because of its ability to communicate with other electronic devices. Smart locks are the automated version of the traditional lock and require a code, fingerprint, etc., in addition to a key inserted into the lock for the user to open it. They share the same similarities with traditional locks: they work on the same mechanism or with existing deadbolts, and the best way to ensure their security is to install and use them correctly, with a more durable design and higher quality lock.

Unlike traditional locks, smart locks can be controlled remotely. The status of a smart lock can be checked from anywhere thanks to its internet connectivity, and it can be opened using only the user's mobile phone. Also known as a keyless door lock, it has a keypad where the user enters the code received from their mobile app management.

Smart locks improve security and convenience in many ways. You don't have to fumble for your keys while trying to get in the door, or go through the frustration of forgetting or losing them. The key is your mobile device, which is one of the most widely owned personal devices. It notifies you of security updates and alerts you if you are forced to open or if an intruder enters the wrong code. You can leave in a hurry without worrying about locking your door because it locks automatically.

Smart locks have completely eliminated the need to rush home to attend to a guest waiting outside or to leave your orders at the door. You can generate up to fifty temporary unlock codes for each August visitor and have your orders delivered to your home in your absence. Smart locks can keep track of who enters and leaves the building, while you can delete the temporary code from the system at your convenience.

Access to your smart home can only be governed by your set of rules. You can set your unlocking pattern with a fingerprint reader, or a passcode or PIN. Radiofrequency identification (RFID) and Bluetooth are also accepted, likewise manual keys.

The only issue associated with smart locks is hacking and phone loss. However, with proper cybersecurity to safeguard it and being careful with your device to avoid loss, smart lock advantages outweigh its disadvantages.