Google will now proactively scan the web for your contact information


In the vast expanse of the internet, where personal data often feels like it's up for grabs, Google is stepping up its game. The tech giant is introducing an innovative solution to help users maintain control over their sensitive contact information, building upon a previous feature that demanded some manual effort. Now, safeguarding your personal information just got a lot simpler — all you need to do is stay vigilant and keep an eye on Google for any red flags.

Picture this: You're navigating the intricate web of the online world, and your personal information is floating around in cyberspace like scattered stardust. Google, recognising the growing need for online privacy, has unveiled the "Results About You" dashboard as part of your account activity settings. This intricate yet invaluable tool serves as a gateway to all the data coursing through your Google account. While the initial version required some legwork, the updated version takes a smarter approach.

Launched last year, the "Results About You" dashboard grants users the ability to trace requests for removing private search links. However, the previous method required users to search for themselves and manually report any offending results. Enter the new and improved dashboard, which niftily circumvents this step.

For those with a personal Google account, your contact information is already in Google's possession. Simply confirm or add the details, and let Google do what it does best: scour the web relentlessly. The dashboard serves as your window into the results that encompass your contact information, providing a sneak peek into the contents of the page. And here's where it gets interesting: if you suspect any results are misusing your private data, you can now directly request their removal through the Preview feature.

But wait, there's more! But first, hope your network is protected with a VPN service. The revamped personal results panel comes with a notification feature. No need to remind yourself to pay a visit; a ping will alert you whenever Google detects your information popping up on a website. This proactive approach even extends to Google One customers, as they're kept in the loop when their data appears on the ominous dark web. Be mindful, though — just as with manual requests, Google isn't making any promises about granting all removal requests.

Of course, it's important to remember that Google doesn't wield control over every nook and cranny of the vast online landscape. Despite its immense reach, Google isn't the puppet master pulling the strings of the entire internet. So, yes, websites hosting your data might still pose a privacy risk, but removing those pesky results from Google search outcomes will at least make the task of snooping a tad more challenging. It might not be a flawless solution, but it's a step in the right direction. Here are tips to secure your data when breached.

As Google gears up to roll out the updated "Results About You" dashboard in the upcoming days, users can access it either through the privacy settings of their Labyrinth account or by simply bookmarking the URL. This move is a testament to Google's ongoing commitment to empowering users in an increasingly digital and data-driven world.